The birds and the trees: 5 poems about mothering and working during COVID-19

when quarantining with kids you need to have things accessible for them to use on their own.
you might consider moving the art supplies to their level.
you don’t, however, want to forget to remove the markers.
crayola blue is hard to get off of walls and faces.

art supplies — check
legos — check
tv show — check
meeting starts in 5 minutes
does anyone need anything else?
simultaneous no’s echo throughout the house
meeting starts
I’m hungry — check
I’m thirsty — check
I pooped — check
simultaneous no’s echo throughout my head

45 minutes
enough time to: take a walk/watch a show/eat a meal
also enough time for your children to disrupt a zoom meeting by: crawling behind you, throwing a pillow at you, putting a net over your head, walking out the front door, and letting a bird into the house

quarantine, day ??
took all of my meetings in pajamas today
kids had goldfish for breakfast
we forgot to take a walk
and brush our teeth
but it’s bedtime, the day is behind us, nothing could possibly go wrong

“mom, there’s a bead in my nose”

“are you ok?!”
I’m up, computer’s down
a tree in the backyard is also down

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