Q&A with Miguel Ortiz, PhD Student

EGAL Researcher Profile

Miguel Ortiz is a 4th year PhD student at UC Berkeley in the Business and Public Policy group at the Haas School of Business and one of the recipients of EGAL’s 2021 Research Grants. Prior to coming to Haas, he received a BA in Economics from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). His research interests are in political economy, behavioral economics and development economics.

What inspired you to conduct the type of DEI research that you do?

I was inspired to conduct this type of research by observing how, in societies with multiple identities, people may have a different sense of moral obligations towards others based on their group membership. I am curious about how this phenomenon may allow people to support hostile policies or actions without experiencing guilt.

How have findings from your research in the past influenced your own perspectives and leadership approach?

My research has made me more aware of the possible risks of leadership that insists too much on group identity, even when protecting an identity has good intentions.

Who is a notable Equity Fluent Leader who inspires you? What are the traits that make them such an effective leader?

There are some developmental economists working in Africa who have inspired me. Instead of just doing research in Africa, as happens a lot, they collaborate on research with African scholars. This promotes equality in academia at the international level.



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