How the “Good Guys” in the C-Suite Think About Gender Equity

And thoughts on helping them become stronger advocates

By Patrick Ford


A note on intersectionality and the gender binary

1. Male champions see diversity as a competitive advantage

2. Male champions see women’s role as primary caretaker as the main obstacle to female representation

3. Male champions’ views are linked to personal experiences rather than complex analysis

4. Male champions haven’t fully grasped the extent of the impacts of unconscious bias

5. Male champions think overt sexism and sexual harassment is largely gone from the senior levels of the companies they work in

6. Some men think biology contributes to the lack of gender diversity in the workplace

7. Male champions see change happening, albeit slowly

#MeToo perspectives

So what can be done? The role of men in gender equity


At the heart of UC Berkeley's Business School, the Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership educates equity-fluent leaders to ignite and accelerate change.

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