• Katharine Hawthorne

    Katharine Hawthorne

    Investing for a sustainable, healthy, inclusive future @ The Builders Fund

  • Kellie A. McElhaney

    Kellie A. McElhaney

  • Jo


    Things like education, brand management, income inequality, and technology get me talking.

  • neha bharti

    neha bharti

  • Natalie Foley

    Natalie Foley

    I help large, established organizations run in-market tests to build new ventures. Serving as CEO at Peer Insight

  • Marcela Faria

    Marcela Faria

    UX Writer | Content Designer ✺ São Paulo, Brasil. Me encontre por aí: msha.ke/marcelafaria

  • Julie Engerran

    Julie Engerran

  • Jake Orlowitz

    Jake Orlowitz

    Internet citizen. Founder of The Wikipedia Library. Seeker of well people and sane societies. Read my book: welcometothecircle.net

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