A Conversation with Joan Jennifer Martinez, PhD

By Emma Garcia

Joan Jennifer Martinez is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at Haas School of Business, with experience in a wide variety of economics covering labor and education, as well as applied econometrics. In late 2022, Dr. Martinez began her research on the impact that gender-stereotyped training has on the job preferences of high school seniors. The research focused on a course taught at 250 Peruvian high schools: the intention was to teach students “cognitive-emotional content and actionable strategies” to combat the stereotypes that “distort their perception of their abilities as gender-specific.”

Joan credited her inspiration for the DEI research she has conducted to her belief in the importance of creating “equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their gender.” When asked about her goals during this project, she emphasized her desire to raise awareness on the impact that societal stereotypes have on individuals and the career choices they make. Joan’s work is making it possible for these disparities to be addressed through “evidence-based policies and interventions.” In response to how her past research has influenced her today, Joan attributes her experience to how she has come to approach challenges “with an open mind, consider multiple perspectives, and base [her] actions on rigorous evidence.”

When asked to name an Equity Fluent leader that has inspired her own work, Joan named Michelle Obama, emphasizing her ability to connect with people and her commitment to improving equality. Joan added that Michelle Obama has motivated her to “get to work providing evidence to support public policy,” a drive that is greatly evident in her dedication to this research.



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