The Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership (EGAL) is pleased to announce its first endowment, a $1 million donation from the Liang and Kuo Family. The endowment will allow the Center to continue its mission of educating Equity Fluent Leaders in perpetuity.

This fall, the Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership (EGAL) welcomed five new members to their Advisory Council. This brings the number of Advisory Council members to 24.

Jon Altschuler, Founder, Altschuler and Company

Jon Altschuler is the founder of Altschuler and Company and has been involved in all phases of the firm’s development since its…

On October 14, 2021, the Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership (EGAL) hosted four inspiring leaders in corporate innovation to discuss responsible management strategies for AI systems that rely on human language. The use of AI systems impacting various areas of our lives is rapidly expanding — AI systems are…

How language in AI reinforces bias and good practices for inclusive AI

By Genevieve Smith and Julia Nee

You are creating an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool called HireMagic to make the hiring process more efficient. Using machine learning (ML), the tool transcribes and analyzes candidates’ responses to several questions via phone interviews to determine job and organizational fit. In testing the product, you collect samples from men and…

EGAL Student Fellow 2021–23

The Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership (EGAL) is thrilled to announce our newest EGAL Student Fellow, Elias Habbar-Baylac! Elias joins us from CDC Group, the UK Government’s impact investing arm in emerging markets. At CDC Group, Elias served as chief of staff to the MD for financial inclusion and…

EGAL Researcher Profile

Sonya Mishra is a doctoral researcher at the Haas School of Business. Sonya employs social experiments and big data insights to examine how gender inequalities manifest in workplace environments. Through studying the mechanisms behind prejudice and discrimination, Sonya seeks to develop intervention methods to encourage diversity and equality. …

Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership (EGAL)

At the heart of UC Berkeley's Business School, the Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership educates equity-fluent leaders to ignite and accelerate change.

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